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Our Purpose

The primary goal of our Medical Clinic is to simplify medical care for providers and patients. Our secondary goal is to provide opportunities for our patients to lower their insurance premiums and deductibles by having the option to pay for their own labs, imaging, and medications. When an individual buys a comprehensive healthcare policy that covers labs, imaging and medication, they pay a higher premium for this option.We do not buy car insurance that changes the oil.washes the car, or fills the tank…… Why should we do that with health insurance? By taking ownership for the cost of routine medical care, the patient can lower their insurance premiums and deductibles. As Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) gain traction under the new congress, there is a tax savings as well, but there is no consensus when this will become law–watch for it and ask your accountant about it.

Mountain Sage Medical Direct will provide common annual LAB panel for less than $40.00 and direct patients to lower cost imaging such as CT and MRI scans that may necessitate some travel to obtain a lower cost imaging or procedures.Keep in mind that emergency care and imaging is different than elective or non emergent care, and that is why we recommend patients carry insurance.–to provide for those emergency situations that can carry a hefty price tag.We are not health insurance, we provide –not pay—for primary care services which is the difference between a provider and an insurance carrier.

For our members we will also review medications and suggest alternative sources for purchasing them if an option exists. We also will give you access to the information we have regarding savings for imaging or specialist visits etc. We are in an ongoing dialogue with specialists, imaging centers, and monitoring legislative changes that can benefit you.

Our Community

History and Foundation

Dr. Fitzpatrick and his team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of your well being, from the initial intake to ongoing care.

Personalized patient care is what sets Mountain Sage Medical Direct apart.